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Process of placing asphalt on a roadway. Dump trucks pour hot asphalt into a paving machine, which then places a smooth layer of the asphalt on the roadway. The hot asphalt is compacted with large rollers. As asphalt cools, it hardens to form a strong roadway.

Pile Driving 
Process of placing supports for a bridge. A large hammer is used to push the piling into the ground.

For design-bid-build projects, this stage includes meeting with the regions to discuss the scope and review the proposed A&E team. This stage ends with the Request For Services (RFS) meeting. For design-build projects, planning involves scoping the project and creating of the Request For Proposal (RFP) document. The stage culminates by issuing the Notice To Proceed (NTP) to the design-build contractor / designer.

This applies to design-bid-build projects only. Pre-design begins with the RFS and culminates with the A&E NTP. Scope development and fee negotiations occur at this stage.

Plans Specifications & Estimate

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