Providing program management for the Oregon Department of Transportation's
OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program


Who is OBDP?

Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners (OBDP), a joint venture of HDR and Fluor, is under contract to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and its Highway Division to accelerate the completion and manage the quality of projects in the OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program.

What is OTIA III?

The OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program is part of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s 10-year, $3 billion Oregon Transportation Investment Act (OTIA) program. During the next decade, OTIA funds will repair or replace hundreds of bridges, pave and maintain city and county roads, improve and expand interchanges, add new capacity to Oregon’s highway system, and remove freight bottlenecks statewide. About 18 family-wage jobs are sustained for every $1 million spent on transportation construction in Oregon. Each year during the OTIA program, construction projects will sustain about 5,000 family-wage jobs.

For more information on the OTIA III, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or visit the official ODOT OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program web site.


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