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Abbreviations, Terms and Status Types

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Construction Engineering Inspection

One of the ingredients of concrete. Portland cement, the most common type of cement, is calcium silicate cement made with a combination of calcium, silicon, aluminum and iron. A good way to emphasize the difference between cement and concrete is: Cement is to Concrete as Flour is to Bread.

Clearing & Grubbing 
Removal of trees, stumps, roots, etc.

Central Oregon Irrigation District

Once a project is opened to traffic, it is listed as complete and the bundle status sheet is no longer updated. The sheet remains as a record in the monthly report.

Material used to build roadways and sidewalks. Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates (sand, gravel, stone) and water. When water and cement are combined, a chemical reaction causes the cement to set and harden. When this mixture is added with the aggregates, it acts as an adhesive and holds the aggregates together to form concrete.

This applies to design-bid-build projects and covers the period from notice to proceed with construction until the road is open to traffic. It includes all construction and construction engineering efforts.

Consultant Project Manager

Crack Relief Layer 
Layer of liquid asphalt, rubber and stone used as an absorbing barrier to prevent cracking of the new asphalt layer. This layer is placed on top of the milled surface before the first layer of structural course is paved. It is also, referred to as ARMI, or Asphalt Rubber Membrane Interlayer.

Cross Drain 
Drainage pipe that is placed across a roadway in a similar manner as a box culvert. (see also "Side Drain")

Drainage pipe Bridge/Box Culvert—a large pipe used to channel water flow. It is installed under a roadway by cutting out the asphalt and pouring concrete around the pipe.

Curb & Gutter 
A concrete surface with a raised lip at the edge of the pavement, which directs water away from the roadway and into a drainage structure - primarily used in urban areas without grassed medians.

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