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Abbreviations, Terms and Status Types

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Design Acceptance Package

Design Acceptance Workshop

This applies to design-bid-build projects only. Design covers the A&E NTP up to the project advertisement. The design phases include: DAP, progress plans, advanced plans, and final PS&E plans.

Design / Bid / Build (DBB) 
A project delivery method wherein an entire projects design is outsourced to one consulting firm through the use of Work Order Contracts (WOC) or project specific solicitations. Construction is then bid and contracted separately.

Design / Build (DB) 
A project delivery method using a single contractor (the “Design-Builder”) for both design and construction services, with responsibility for delivering a completed a project or bundle of projects. This encompasses all activities on design-build projects from the notice to proceed until the road is open to traffic.

D / M / W / ESB 
Disadvantaged / Minority / Women / Emerging Small Business

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