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Engineering Baseline Reports

To support the OTIA III State Bridge Delivery Program, engineering baseline data were collected for each bridge and bridge site in the program. These data were collected and summarized in engineering baseline reports that provide baseline information about:

  • the existing bridge structure and existing conditions at the bridge site
  • a summary of the solution options evaluated for the site
  • preliminary engineering information about the feasible alignment option chosen for the site, including structure information and preliminary cost and schedule estimates.

NOTE The engineering baseline reports do not assess or evaluate the bridge site for possible environmental regulatory concerns. Those are covered in the appropriate environmental baseline report located at environmental baseline reports. Engineering baselines reports need to be verified for current scope.

Each engineering baseline report follows this basic outline:

  1. Executive Summary. Summarizes the recommended action (feasible alignment option) at the bridge site, issues and considerations that drive this recommendation, proposed construction stages, a project cost estimate, and major design issues and constraints for this site.
  2. Purpose and Need
  3. Bridge Evaluation and Recommendation
  4. Existing Bridge Site Conditions
    • General site conditions – site location, site roadway features and traffic characterization (ADT, lane configurations, etc), general bridge features
    • Special site conditions – safety issues, right-of-way, utilities, roadside obstacles, roadway surfacing, retaining structures / slope protection, environmental issues, historical and archaeological issues, interchanges / intersections / accesses, local and planning issues, geologic / geotechnical issues, and hydraulic / hydrologic issues
  5. Solution Options Evaluated
    • summary of solution options evaluated
    • feasible alignment option – essential characteristics and issues (structural issues, environmental issues, right-of-way, utilities, etc.)
    • staging and temporary traffic control considerations
    • detour bridge considerations
  6. Structure Type

    Includes information about the following:

    • bridge structure configuration
    • abutment types
    • foundation type
    • seismic considerations
    • bridge rehabilitation items
    • bridge removal
    • work bridge
    • aesthetics features
  7. Project Delivery Schedule
  8. Cost Estimate
  9. References
  10. Appendices

    Provides more detailed information, as needed, on one or more aspects of the project, and will vary from report to report. Typical appendices include but are not limited to the following:

    • project site conditions or issues
    • feasible option information
    • breakdown of project cost, schedule, or development
    • details on environmental, economic, or regulatory issues
    • interview or site visit notes
    • drawings, maps, or detailed tabular information

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